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Tin Woodsman | Pewter Fish Cups | Stand Sold Separately

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Tin Woodsman FIsh Measuring Cups

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About The Artist

Deborah Chapman

Crosby & TaylorIt has been nearly 25 years since Deborah Chapman started Tin Woodsman Pewter in a small studio down the street from her and her husband's house. Jim Chapman was a woodworker making adjustable wooden lamps. Deborah was helping to assemble and pack them. Two of the couple's children were in school. The third was a babe in arms!

"Our closest friends decided to shut down their pewter studio to pursue other interests. I couldn’t believe my good fortune! It looked like just the thing for me. Jim and I had met in the Department of Romance Languages (or Romantic Languages, as I prefer to say!). Jim was studying Italian and I was studying French. I had just finished my Master’s Degree in French Literature when this opportunity arose. I knew I didn’t want to go on for my Doctorate. I wanted to be at home – with Jim and our kids – making and selling wonderful things!"

Deborah Chapman had a lot of experience working with fabric, some background in ceramics, some knowledge of woodworking – but no history of working in metal. She had to hit the ground running! Before long, Chapman was too busy to go it alone. Jim closed the wood shop and dove in with his wife. Most pewter smiths come from a background in jewelry making. But neither Jim nor Deborah had taken this path. They now know that this is what sets their products apart. Deborah Chapman's products are rarely confused with any other pewter pieces.

"The years have passed and we no longer work out of a small studio. Jim (having joined the workforce 15 years before me) has moved on to golf. I am blessed to have a wonderful staff to help me. Five of them have babies and the circle of life is starting again."


Crosby & Taylor

In February of 2010 the Tin Woodsman Pewter Company was renamed as Crosby and Tayor. The Tin Woodsman name did not fit with their new Stoneware Collection and it was too narrow a focus for some of Deb's other ideas. So the Tin Woodsman Pewter Company is now Crosby & Taylor. They are no longer only a pewter company – but a team of designers, producers and purveyors of beautiful items meant to be used every day. Some made of pewter, some made of stoneware, and some made of materials yet to be discovered!

The name, Crosby & Taylor, pays respect to Deb Chapman's Cape Cod-based merchant sea captain ancestors. Crosby & Taylor - Tin Woodsman ... the Future

Over the years, the Tin Woodsman Pewter studio has grown. Now as Crosby & Taylor, it will grow more. Jim has retired. Deborah says she is blessed to be supported by a group of wonderful staff. Five of them have babies and the circle of life is starting again.

Learn more about Crosby & Taylor, formerly Tin Woodsman


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